The Raleigh Yukon Useful Bike

These Raleigh Yukons seem to crop up here in Sydney from time to time. The last I saw was a 650b with caliper brakes. This one has cantilever studs designed for 26" wheels and was destined for a Rivendell inspired upgrade.

There are some vintage quirks in this frame that have made it a challenge to work with.

Aside from the horizontal rear drop outs that are always a pain, the rear end has also been respaced from 126mm to 135 so that it can fit a modern wheel.

The bike came with bull moose bars which is not a problem in itself, however the aim was to have a regular quill and porteur style bars of some sort. Unfortunately the 1" threaded fork requires a quill of diameter 21.1mm (measured). The "modern" quill (oxymoron?) standard is 22.2. Most new quill stems of this size are for BMX bikes - though you can find more classic looking ones (Tip: search for 21.1 or 21.15 or 0.833" quill stems)

The fork did not have a hole in the crown. Given that the intention was to mount mud guards and a front porteur style rack - the fork crown hole is desirable. There are work arounds - but the hole  makes things easier.

There is a 13-26, 6 speed cassette in the rear and 32-48-52 triple chainrings. Now although this is meant to be a mountain bike - the gearing is strangely high by modern standards for this purpose. Presumably this bike was released in the early days of mountain bikes - when in fact they were just regular old bikes given a new kind of handle bar and possibly thicker tubes.

Some measurements and specs

Top tube length 600mm (cc)
Seat tube length..
Seat tube diameter is an obscure 24.5mm

The wheels have been upgraded to Grand Bois 650b rims, Shimano LX rear hub and SP dynamo hub (Nb: this bike was designed for 26" wheels)

Velo Orange Montmartre Handlebar

Vintage Gran Compe stem 21.1 quill (.833)

Brooks fat grips and a brooks swift saddle.

Genetic cantilever brakes with the addition of coolstop salmon pads

Shimano flat bar road shifters

Shifters have been changed to Diacompe down tube friction shifters that are mounted on an IRD Quill Stem Mount

Tubus vega rear rack
Soma Mini (Lucas) front rack with Wald shallow basket (1392)

Rivendell Sackville Saddlebag Medium